How to add a link back to the LawReader Home Page in your browser tool bar.

Tips on how  to create a shortcut to always get back to the lawreader home page 

To aid you in navigating on, we suggest that you add to your Internet Explorer Browser.   You can place this link to your tool bar at the top of your screen, and no matter where you get thrown when leaving a page, you will always have a quick link back to the home page.


When you choose a link found in LawReader to a resource on the Internet sometimes the site you have visited will, when closed, throw you out of LawReader. 


If you have placed a favorites icon for LawReader in your browser toolbar, you will only be one click away from the LawReader Home Page.   This is a real time saver and speeds up your work on LawReader.


First go to your favorites section, which is located in the upper right of your browser toolbar.  It is marked with a red heart and the word FAVORITES.  Click on that icon

And then enter LawReader as one of your FAVORITES.


Use the address for LawReader as


You will then be given a drop down screen which provides about 20 different icons that you can select as your icon for LawReader.  Add in the word LawReader in the naming box.  


When this “favorite? is created you can then drag it to the toolbar where it will stay displayed anytime you log on.


 Find the favorite places logo (a red heart) and then find the new icon you have created.


Drag it to your tool bar by placing your mouse arrow on the new LawReader icon  and depressing the right mouse button and then dragging it to the tool bar.  When you release the mouse button the icon should appear thereafter in your toolbar.


Also remember that wherever you are in LawReader you can always get back to the Home Page by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking on the word LAWREADER which is located just to the right of the picture of the LawReader Judge.

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