On June 15, 2012, the Kentucky Supreme Court reinstated my license to practice law. I served a 61 day suspension on their prior Order and 53 more days based upon an Objection to my reinstatement filed by Interim Bar Counsel. The Kentucky Supreme Court ordered their decision on my reinstatement published, which means lawyers can cite it as a law.

During this process and now at its conclusion, we accomplished two significant modifications to attorney discipline:

1. An attorney no longer needs to post a bond to appeal a decision by the Board of Governors to the Kentucky Supreme Court. The Court changed the rule. Many times, high bonds prevented a lawyer from appealing.

2. An attorney who is suspended can apply for reinstatement even if there is other pending discipline expires.

There is personal significance to my reinstatement:

1. I’m once again practicing law in Kentucky.

2. I expect a smooth reinstatement in Ohio after July 25, which is the date my reciprocal discipline expires.

I must express gratitude to the Character and Fitness Committee who recommended my reinstatement and the Kentucky Supreme Court for the 7-0 vote of reinstatement.

God blessed me with the Kentucky Supreme Court issuing their ruling the Friday before the Father’s Day weekend. It sure made for a better weekend. I also want to thank my wife, children, parents, in-laws, partners, employees, clients, friends, and fans who have been loyal and supported me during this process.

I must publicly thank Larry Forgy for being my co-counsel. I’d like to also thank Stan Billingsley who I believe is a catalyst for future rule changes that will improve the discipline process. In addition, Jon Yinger, the owner of Realtalk 1160, never wavered in his support. I also spoke to Willie every day and he kept lighting candles at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City for me. My wife, Chuck Holbrook and Larry Forgy endured my daily repetitive analysis of what may happen and what options I had.

During this ordeal, I’m confident many clients didn’t contact me based upon the stigma of a bar battle and I couldn’t represent them while I was suspended. However, not a single lawyer, employee or client left our firm as a result of the bar battle.

If anyone is wondering, I’m still the Bulldog. However, I’m a wiser and improved version. It’s great to be back.

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