What Are Some of Kentucky’s New Statutory Laws?

By Nick Nighswander June 28, 2012
While many of us are anxiously awaiting the United States Supreme Court’s decision on the health care law known as Obamacare, there are several new statutory laws that will take effect next month from the Kentucky General Assembly’s last session that was completed this past April. The new laws are typically passed to address events and circumstances facing the citizens of the Commonwealth, and others are amendments to current laws to make them more current, effective and enforcible.
This past session resulted in six new or amended criminal statutes and approximatley sixteen civil statutes. The criminal statutes usually involve jail time for offenders. The civil statutes usually regulate actions by persons and corporations or grant the right to sue to citizens and entities for a civil wrong. This letter will address one new amended criminal law and two new civil laws.
HB93 PERSONAL WATERCRAFT (GREGORY, S) Amend KRS 235.285 to clarify that the Rules of the Road for personal watercraft are part of the Inland Navigation Rules and provide specific citation for those rules (i.e., to better enforce actions with waverunners and jet skis).
HB281 INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETICS (JENKINS, J) Amend KRS 160.445 to require coaches to complete training on recognizing and treating concussions and head
injuries; identify actions required before an athlete with a suspected concussion or head injury may return to play; amend KRS 156.070 to conform; EMERGENCY (i.e., mainly for football coaches and soccer coaches).
(SINNETTE, K) Amend KRS 304.39-241 to authorize an insured to direct the payment of motor vehicle reparation (PIP) benefits for medical expenses arising from a covered loss to a health benefit plan, Medicaid, Medicare, a Medicare supplement provider, or any other provider that has paid related medical expenses (i.e., to help with subrogation issues and liens for medical bills covered by automobile insurance and paid by health care coverage).

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