Kentuckian Mark Nickolas invited to attend Southern Journalists Roundtable

Mark Nickolas host of  Kentucky’s leading political blog has been invited to attend the Southern Journalists Roundtable in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Nickolas, whose blog has a decided democratic/progressive bent, has become the most read political blog in Kentucky.  

Earlier this year won an award as one of the best political blogs in the U.S.  His followers have unofficially designated him as the “real voice of the Ky. Democratic Party?.  
Southern Journalists Roundtable

A once-a-semester gathering of journalists who report and analyze issues in Southern states, as well as Washington, D.C. The journalists meet with faculty and graduate students, as well as invited presenters.  The roundtables are designed to meet three objectives:

1) to give journalist who focus on Southern state governments and politics an opportunity to exchange ideas and information,
2) to connect these journalists with scholars and informed sources and
3) to spotlight trends and issues in the South.  Graduate and undergraduate journalism students are invited to the discussions, as well as political scientists and other scholars who comment on public affairs


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