Nickolas suggests George Clooney for 2008 Senate race. LawReader suggests Ashley Judd for Governor in 2007!

   Mark Nickolas, the unofficial voice of the progressive wing of the Ky. Democratic Party, suggests in his column in the Louisville news magazine LEO that that actor George Clooney could oppose Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2008.  This unlikely but interesting suggestion would not be without precedent.  California has elected actors to the Senate and the Governorship…can Kentucky be far behind?

   LawReader  would suggest, that we shouldn’t stop with George Clooney.  We suggest that Ashley Judd run for Governor.  We don’t even care which party she chooses.  Think about it, she is from Ashland, she attends almost every Univ. of Ky. basketball game, often coming out of the stands to lead a cheer, and she is as beautiful as Clooney is handsome.  The Republicans elected Richie Farmer and his only qualification was that he was a former basketball star at UK.  Ashley Judd would certainly have far greater eye appeal than Ernie Fletcher.

Don’t let us forget the Office of Lt. Gov….we nominate Heather French. Imagine a Judd/French ticket.  We bet this would increase the number of people bothering going to the polls to the 90% level.

 I can imagine a contest between the Democrats and the Republicans to sign her up…there hasn’t been a battle like that might be since both parties tried to enlist Eisenhower in l952. (For our younger readers, the Republicans won that one.)

    If both of these lookers were elected to public office, the image of Kentucky would be positively changed forever.  The only negative thought we have is our recollection of a former Gov. of Illinois who was chosen as the Best Looking Governor in America, later ended up being sentenced to prison.  However, with Fletcher’s  blanket pardon precdent as a guide we could forgive in advance any future violations of law they might commit in order to induce them to run. At a minimum with Judge Melcher’s ruling that they couldn’t be prosecuted in office, we could just let them stay in office until they were too old to send to jail.      

Excerpt from the Nickolas article in LEO:

Read article at: )  Bluegrass Politics: ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ As Our Next U.S. Senator?

Born in Lexington and raised in Northern Kentucky (note that McConnell is from Alabama), the two-time holder of the title “Sexiest Man Alive? (1997 and 2006) would present quite an opportunity for Democrats. Clooney, 45, is no stranger to politics; he even recently testified before the United Nations Security Council about his visit to Darfur, Sudan, where genocide is destroying the population. Clooney is as articulate as he is at ease when discussing issues like Iraq, North Korea, warrantless surveillance, domestic issues and why he’s a Democrat. He was even ahead of the curve this summer by calling for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to run for president in 2008.

Clooney has never been shy about expressing interest in politics, though without fail he’s self-deprecating about why he should not run for office. In this month’s Esquire, Clooney mused that the effects of watching his father lose his 2004 race for Congress in Northern Kentucky, and the compromising nature of politics, have caused him to rethink a run. But it’s that very sort of thoughtful assessment — rather than an unabashed desire to be elected to office — that makes Clooney so appealing.

Celebrity actors running for high office is nothing new, as we’ve seen with President Ronald Reagan, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Sen. Fred Thompson, Rep. Sonny Bono and many others. Even Gopher from “The Love Boat? (Fred Grandy) served four terms in Congress.


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