LawReader recommends free Office Software. Before buying Office 2007 consider one of these options.

 Tired of paying out bundles of hard earned money for the software to run your office applications?  How  does FREE sound to you.  If you don’t really need the heavy duty (and heavy price) of Microsoft Word Office Suite  ($350 to $650) we would recommend you try a FREE download of an Office Suite.

  Both office suites run on several operating systems and provide word-processing and spreadsheets software.

Open Office Suite – This is an excellent program to put on new workstations or on your child’s or a student’s computer.  No need to spend a small fortune when a free download will do a great job.  We feel very comfortable in recommending OpenOfficeSuite for most users.

 For download go to: 2.0.4

Or try ThinkFree’s ThinkFreeOnline    

   Instead of a download you work online with ThinkFreeOnline. This service could be a life saver if you are on the road and can’t bring the office with you.

ThinkFreeOnline is not downloaded but is accessed online.  It is compatible with  MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. This website uses large and powerful java applets to completely simulate these applications while you are logged on to their site. They offer a free account with 30mb of online file space and you can access any files on your local machine or the internet as well. The service is ad supported in the same way that Google uses the Google Adsense ads.

We tried out two applications.. It took several minutes for the java applets to download and the applications fired up. They did indeed look and act just like MS Office applications. The second  time you  go to their site  the apps will load quicker because the java applets are still stored in the Application Data folder on my PC.

  Click to sign up.


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