Hon. DOUG MYERS TAKES OFFICE AS NEW PRESIDENT OF KENTUCKY BAR ASSOCIATION – Will he honor our request for information about the cost of the KBA’s hiring of outside counsel?

W. Douglas Myers, of Deatherage, Myers & Lackey in Hopkinsville, Ky. has been sworn in as President of the KBA. He will serve a one year term of office. We wish him the best and hope his service as President is as successful as his career has been to date.
The President-Elect is Thomas L. Rouse of Erlanger, and William E. Johnson is the Vice-President.
Last April LawReader wrote Margaret Keane, who was then the President of the KBA. We asked her for information regarding how much of KBA funds have been spent to hire outside counsel to represent the Bar Counsel and the KBA in appeals and civil suits. Then President Keane never responded to our request.
We have submitted the same request for information to President Myers on July 20,2012. He could demonstrate his respect for the members of the Bar which he represents, by answering a reasonable request for information about how our dues money is being used by the KBA.

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