Eric Deters Law Firm Seeks Partners

Oct. 17, 2012

Eric Deters is in need of more law partners. Email him at if you have any interest. This is a fantastic partnership arrangement where you would pay no costs or overhead and share fees on cases Eric provides you.

From rent, malpractice insurance, experts and more, all paid by the firm.

You must join the firm as a partner. The arrangement amounts to a generous nearly even split with Eric.

If you are an experienced lawyer who just needs the cases, this is perfect for you. The volume of business coming in is expected to grow and despite having eighteen lawyers, the firm needs more.

You won’t find a better atmosphere to practice law from the staff, the facility and the spirit. In addition, if you already have existing cases or a book of business, you can keep it as your own.

Eric needs help on his cases.

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