Nov. 26, 2012 LawReader
Recently U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves held a brief hearing in the Fen Phen case before his court. The U.S. Attorney has been seeking a financial report and distribution list from attorney Angela Ford for some two years. In a recent brief the U.S. Attorney said they were seeking discovery of Angela Ford’s “personal banking account” as well as the distribution list which would reveal the attorneys with whom she shared legal fees.
The Ky. Ct. of Appeals set aside a summary judgment in the Boone Circuit Court, and ordered a new trial. Subsequently the Ky. Supreme Court granted discretionary review.
Angela Ford has supported her position with written claims that the reveal of the Circuit Courts summary judgment did not prevent her from seizing the Fen Phen attorneys assets, and distribution thereof, including some $12 million in attorney fees.
The recent hearing was believed by some as an opportunity for Judge Reeves to disclose information about the names of attorneys on the Ford distribution list. He chose not to do so. The following comments were forwarded to LawReader and we have expressed out comments on three of the issues.

‘Reeves will not order funds distributed unless sup ct. acts denies writ for certiorari.’
LawReader: Does this mean that he will not allow any further distribution until the Ky. Sup. Ct. rules? The way the answer is worded appears inconsistent to me…can your straighten me on the foregoing?
‘Jim Gary asked Reeves for information on Ford’s use of funds and was denied. Court was only dealing with the interests of the victims. ‘
LawReader: I understand the first sentence, but the second sentence is incorrect. If Ford violated the Solicitation rules and is therefore ordered to forfeit her entire fee, then the so-called “victims” are due $12 million more if Ford loses. The” interest of the victims” suggests the court inquire about the improper solicitation issues which are allegedly based on a letter Ford wrote to a client on March 16, 2005, in which she disclosed she had filed ethics complaints and had shared that information with the “media”.
‘Minute entry directs counsel to propose distribution plans on or before Jan 2, 2013.’
LawReader: I take this to mean that Reeves is just asking for suggestions, but will not rule on any additional distribution until the Ky. Supreme Court rules….

Note: The Sixth Circuit is expected to dismiss the Angela Ford appeal any day now. That may allow the U.S. attorney to reveal the names of the attorneys with whom Ford shared Fen Phen assets. This distribution list may clear, or may implicate, some attorneys by explaining their relationship with the KBA officials and prosecutors.

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