Larry Grause found Alive and Well at Northern Ky. Bar Dinner

In the late l970’s and early 1980’s the hottest plaintiff’s lawyer in Kentucky was Larry Grause of Kenton County. It was reported that in one year he won six consecutive personal injury cases all above six figures.
He opened several night clubs including the Conservatory in Covington. The news was also full of reports of Hollywood celebrity’s visiting one of Grause’s watering holes. The last we heard of Grause was that he was headed to Hollywood for a screen test.
Then we heard nothing of Larry for many years. We recently learned that Grause is the Godfather of Eric Deters. Deter’s has enticed Grause out of retirement to assist him as a consultant in his law practice.
Grause looked prepared and ready to step back in a courtroom and making a closing argument for big bucks.

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