Nicholas M Nighswander Wishes A Merry Christmas to all

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Happy New Year!

This letter is a thank you to all my friends, family and clients who receive it and comment to me on the various legal topics addressed in it. It is also a chance for me to address various matters that may help others.

The Holiday Season offers all of us an opportunity to reflect over events in our lives that have occurred this past year. Most recently, the tragedy in Connecticut has brought home how precious the gift of life is for all we hold dear.

The message that we try to hold on to at such times is that the love of Jesus Christ who was born in a stable in such humble surroundings lived and died to save us. Luke Chapter 2 and John Chapter 3, verse 16. Such faith and belief has helped sustain me in my life. I pray it can do the same for us and those families in Connecticut who are enduring the ultimate test of a loss of a child or loved one.

As an Attorney, I have had to represent persons with mental problems. Such persons do not act rationally as you would think someone should act. Factually and literally, such a person is living in a different world. Being able to recognize such a troubled person and then getting them treatment as soon as possible, has been a challenge for friends, families and the legal system for some time.

Hopefully, as we move forward as a society, the future will result in better opportunities for such treatment and help prevent other such terrible events. We can all play a part in our own way by self-education in the recognition of mental health problems; we can contact our local, state and congressional representatives on the issues for better laws and treatment options; and we can support those that take appropriate action to try and end such terrible events for us all.

We all enjoyed many blessings this year. Sometimes it is hard to recognize them. For me, some of my blessings have been watching my youngest son play soccer; my oldest son finishing graduate school and coming home for further life adventures; the marriages of two nephews; helping others with their legal problems; watching Morehead State University win a homecoming football game; friendships; my church and the love of family and my wife.

As we gather with friends and family over the coming days, please remember the birth and love of Jesus Christ endures us forever and will carry us through even in such trying times.

From me and my family, May the Joy and Peace of the Christmas Season Be Yours and Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Happy New Year!

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