How the world sees judges.

  You may want to use these videos to illustrate a CLE class.  Or you may just get a good laugh.  These videos are posted on Click to view.

 Judge Video’s
Jamie Kennedy Experiment – Judge Jaime  How not to conduct your court. (Note: Even though there is an amazing resemblance between this Judge and Judge Charlie Moore of Boone County, it is not Judge Moore.)
Judge Jamie Kennedy  TV ownership.  Judge hurries parties up.
Jamie Kennedy Experiment – Judge Jamie home improvement case
Greater Tuna: Funeral For The Judge
Greater Tuna, Pt. 6  courtroom scene
Greater Tuna, Pt. 5 speak English- Captain Kangaroo
Greater Tuna, Pt. 2  Stanley the defendant
Greater Tuna, Pt. 3 Judge died of a stroke
Greater Tuna, Pt. 4  You can’t kill a corpse
Judge Judy
JTS Judge Judy  If you get drunk at party Host is liable for your tort?
Judge Judy slaps more deadbeats
Judge scratching nose on microphone
Don’t Judge Too Quickly   lost coin for meter
Don’t Judge Too Quickly  shocking
Dont Judge to soon  daughter and father at grocery
Don’t Judge too quickly ! cat and knife
Dont judge too quickly mistaken holdup
Don’t judge  Airplane
Judge Mike
Judge Dredd Trailer  I am the Law
Ali G – Judge Pickles  5th. Amendment doesn’t apply in Britian
Judge Hatchett – aired 10/2/00  Scuba Tank pain and suffering
Judge JoJo  hand puppet judge


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