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Angela M. Ford’s Co-Counsel in the Boone County Fen Phen case, currently on appeal to Ky. Supreme Court, Seth J. Johnston, was Indicted Feb. 7, 2013 by the U.S. Government. He was charged in the indictment for Drug Offenses including distributing synthetic marihuana and other drug related counts. He apparently was also indicted on charges involving giving false evidence to the Government and encouraging another witness not to testify against him.
Seth Johnson was co-counsel with Angela Ford In behalf of some 400 Fen Phen plaintiffs, who were granted a summary judgment in Circuit Court.

Ford reportedly seized some $42 million dollars from Gallion, Cunningham, and Melbourne Mills as a result of the Boone County summary judgment. The Ky. Court of Appeals set aside the judgment and ordered a new trial for the defendants. Ford and Johnson requested discretionary review by the Ky. Supreme Court, and that motion was granted and the case is still pending in the Ky. Supreme Court.

The U.S. Attorney’s office has been trying to get an accounting from Angela Ford about her handling of the $42 million she seized including a distribution list of the names of attorneys she shared fees with. It has been argued that Ford should not have seized and disbursed the $42 million dollars when the underlying summary judgment was on appeal. LawReader has been searching for close to two years to obtain tha names of the attorneys with whom Angela Ford shared the alleged $12 million. She admitted sharing fen phen money with other attorneys in a Courier Journal interview by Andy Wolfson.

The Ct. of Appeals reversal listed Angela M. Ford and Seth J. Johnston as co-counsel in the Mills v. Abbot case currently on appeal to the Ky. Supreme Court:
Court of Appeals of Kentucky.

No. 2009–CA–001114–MR. — June 24, 2011

“Before LAMBERT and NICKELL, Judges;  SHAKE,Senior Judge.

David M. Cross, Albany, KY, for appellants.Seth J. Johnston, Angela M. Ford, Lexington, KY, for appellees.”
There are currently two civil lawsuits pending in Fayette Circuit Court in which Johnston Legal , PSC, and Seth J. Johnston are defendants. 12-CI-03758 Angela Ford vs. Johnston Legal PSC, and Witt, Roger, et al VS. Johnston, Seth J. 12-CI-02413.

Johnston and Ford are still listed by the Court of Appeals as co-counsel in the Abbott v. Mills suit pending in the Ky. Supreme Court. The two have apparently fallen out with each other since Ford has apparently filed a civil suit against Johnston.

LawReader’s call to Johnston Legal PSC was not answered but a voice mail message was left with a request that they respond to our questions about whether Seth J. Johnson was associated with Johnston Legal PSC in Lexington. The web site for the firm listed only one female associate.

We could not find a current listing on the KBA Bench & Bar membership site for Seth J. Johnston.

It is reported to LawReader that after Ford sued Seth J. Johnston he filed a “nasty” counterclaim against Ford. It is alleged that the trial judge has sealed the counterclaim filed by Seth Johnson against Angela Ford.
LawReader knows of no authority for a Circuit Court to seal a counterclaim in a civil suit. We invite the Judge or anyone to explain to us the authority for sealing a civil counterclaim.

LawReader sources suggest that the lawsuit filed by Angela Ford was for the recovery of funds she “earned” from her Fen Phen case which were given to Johnston. It is alleged that some of the Ford money was used by Johnston for the purchase of synthetic marihuana and related charges. The indictment mentions Johnston paid out $100,000 for the synthetic marihuana.
It is speculated by those close to the Fen Phen case that the indictment against Johnston may be an effort by the U.S. Government to “encourage” Mr. Johnston to provide them information which they have not been able to otherwise obtain for themselves.

One source suggested that Johnston and the other 7 defendants (most with foreign sounding names) face up to 30 years and a million dollar fine, if they are convicted.

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