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Executive Branch Ethics Commission appears to have exceeded their jurisdiction in proceeding against Dan Druen, and attempting to block Stumbo out of race for Governor.

The world loses James Brown. Christmas greetings from the Boss

How the world sees judges.  Judge videos

Sixth Circuit rules that state rules re: Recusal of judges (and other bar rules) may be reviewed by U.S. District Court.

Jonathan Miller and Anne Northrup are party favorites in Bluegrass Report poll.

Ky. Law Update Program of the Ky. Bar Association is again a success, and remains a great service for Ky. Bar Members. KBA Staffers deserve a pat on the back.

Legal billing auditors. Why a hearse horse snickers when it carries a lawyers bones.

Florida: Judge may not appear at a symposium on a specific legal issue

U.S. District Judge Charles Simpson of Louisville throws out Ky. Wine distribution law.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Hood grants $11 million default judgment against trucking firm.

Sixth Circuit Ct. of Appeals announces job vacancies

Minnesotas high court is targeting trial misconduct by prosecutors. County attorneys are crying foul. Defense lawyers are applauding.

Have you considered offering your services through a group legal insurance plan?

Destruction of misdemeanor records by AOC draws blistering Critique by Courier-Journal

Judicial Transparency and Ethics Enhancement Act of 2006, now before Congress

Chief Justice Josephn Lambert appoints Jason Nemes as Acting Director of the Aministrative Office of the Courts.

Retiring judges have looser tongues, can make news and commentary

Rep. Gray: Make divorce harder. Rep. Stine: just outlaw all divorces.

Attorney Thomas Clay: Fletcher dodging discovery in U.S. District Court civil action and should be deposed
 How a candidate for Governor could rise above the crowd of wanabees…

 Author says TV has lost marketing power

 Just how rich are you compared to everyone else in the world?

Justice Breyer says courts should look after political rights of minorities

Louisville lawyer Teddy Gordon takes School integration back before Supreme Court

LawReader publishes ALL decisions of the Ky. Court of Appeals. 52 important decisions handed down this week. Eight cases are published and should be read immediately.

Mark Your Calendar. The Ky. Bar Assoc. announces date for 2007 State Convention

Justice for a Parent and Child. Virginia’s Court of Appeals does the right thing for common sense and custody laws.

U.S. Supreme Ct. Vets False Claims Act. QUI TAM HURDLES

California Supreme Court . Justices change precedent on warrantless searches for youths

Search and Seizure. US Supreme Court Lets State Rulings Barring Drug Dog House Searches and Restricting Traffic Stop Drug Searches Stand

No-Knock warrants and Kentuckys new No Duty to Retreat Self-Defense statutes are a dangerous combination.

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