Sen. Williams office has confirmed to LawReader that he is not interested in seeking the vacate Court of Appeals seat of the 3rd. Judicial District.  A seat vacated by R.W. Dyche.  He will not be filing for the office, and will remain as leader of the Senate.  

Well as we said, it was a weakly based theory influenced by a wink and a smile. So much for political rumors.

 The following story has now been confirmed to be inoperative as they say in Washington.

 We may know by Tuesday’s deadline for filing for the November election to fill the seat to which Judge R.W. Dyche was elected but rejected in favor of a seat on the Worker’s Compensation Board.  Dyche’s appointment by the Governor was said by many to be an appointment that wasn’t going to happen because of the alleged enmity between Fletcher and the Dyche family. But by gosh it did happen.  Judge Dyche’s brother is an outspoken critic of Gov. Fletcher. Did Gov. Fletcher create a vacancy on the Court of Appeals so that he could entice Sen. Williams (also a vocal critic of the Governor) to accept that job and by making Williams a judge duct tape his vocal cards for the coming gubernatorial election?  When you think about it, that has the DNA of a Fletcher strategy.  Not a bad move politically speaking.

The filing deadline is 4 p.m. Jan. 30th.   The action by Dyche surprised many in Frankfort.  The Chief Justice quickly made special efforts to publicize the vacancy and the limited filing date so that everyone would be fairly informed and to have sufficient time to submit filing papers if they chose. 

We have not developed this theory  based on any solid inside news, and it is just a theory, but we do have a hunch based on some vague comments, a slight guilty smile and a twinkling of an eye from someone who would be in a position to know.  Sometimes that is just enough for a full blown political rumor to blossom into reality.  So holding our breath we predict that Sen. Williams will march over to the Sec. of State’s office about 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday and submit his filing papers for the vacant seat.

He is known to have a desire someday to be appointed to the Federal bench and serving a term on the Court of Appeals would improve anyones resume.

Dyche retired in June, and Judge Howard was appointed to serve till Jan. 2.  Howard had not filed for the Nov. election, and Dyche had filed and was unopposed, and was re-elected.  But when Dyche “retired� again in January Howard was out and there is now a vacancy in the position.  Dyche will now be eligible to draw a full retirement benefit from his Court of Appeals position, and also draw a salary of about equal size as a member of the Worker’s Comp. Board.

One would think that if the Governor appointed Howard to the seat last July, he would now reappoint him.  But politics make strange bedfellows as they say. There is not a lot of “affection� between Sen. Williams and the Governor.  But if Williams filed to run for the office, then he wouldn’t need the appointment from Gov. Fletcher and could remain in the Senate during the current session of the legislature.  Would Fletcher offer Williams the appointment and thereby get him out of the Senate…or will he not offer the appointment to Williams and tolerate him through another session. 

We think that Judge Howard did a good job during his six month tour of duty on the Court of Appeals and can see several reasons why he still might be re-appointed.  But the election in Nov. is something else…Williams would not be beholden to the Governor by accepting the appointment.  We will soon know when the filing deadline expires next Tuesday.

Court of Appeals District 3, Division 1 covers the following counties:

Adair, Bell, Casey, Clay, Clinton, Cumberland, Estill, Garrard, Green, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, Lee, Leslie, Lincoln, Marion, McCreary, Metcalfe, Monroe, Nelson, Pulaski, Rockcastle, Russell, Taylor, Washington, Wayne, Whitley.  Williams has homes in two of the counties in this district.

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