Lexington Author Tim Underwood Offers Razzle Dazzle and Ravenwood Novels

(UK law professors brother writes thrilling novels .)

Razzle Dazzle by Tim Underwood is for readers who enjoy action, adventure, conflict and romance. Just like the casino game for which the book is named, the players have almost no chance to win yet, somehow, they must risk everything to prevail. Old hatreds are re-kindled, new loves found, and indomitable adversaries…from the Mafia to treacherous allies to a hostile foreign government…must be overcome. The novel is available in trade paperback or as an e-book from Amazon®.

Contact the author in Lexington, Kentucky, for a historical thriller filled with adventure and romance.. www.timunderwoodbooks.com.

“Ravenwood” now available in print edition and as an e-book from amazon.com. coming in December, “The Acquarian”.

Tim Underwood of Lexington, Kentucky, specializes in historical fiction as well as modern thrillers, some with a touch of the paranormal. He has been a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, an award-winning investigative journalist, and a professional horseplayer. Razzle Dazzle is the author’s second novel.

Enticing History
Imagine yourself, a trained sharpshooter, in Cuba on April 14, 1961. The Bay of Pigs Invasion is about to begin. By quirk of fate you have Fidel Castro in your rifle sights and an opportunity to change the course of history.
While the new US President, John F. Kennedy, approved the doomed Bay of Pigs invasion, lax security among the Cuban exiles ensured that the Castro government knew the details of the invasion in plenty of time to prepare defenses.

A key element of the ill-fated plan was one of the many plots to assassinate the Castros and Che Guevara. The central character of Razzle Dazzle, an American gambler and one-time intelligence operative, Jake St. Aubin, is the most capable of the group of assassins assembled by the CIA and organized crime. With the invasion unfolding and the assassination plan abandoned Jake and his companions are on the run across the length of Cuba. In full flight, he finds himself with Fidel in his gunsights. He has plenty of incentive to pull the trigger having lost his Havana nightclub and his fortune when Castro ousted Batista. Betrayed Jake spent nearly a year in a Cuban prison camp. Now he can extract revenge and ensure the outcome of the invasion. Yet, by pulling the trigger, he risks losing everything he loves.

Set in a compelling period of political, technological, and social change, historical figures – some famous and some yet to be famous – play significant roles. Razzle Dazzle puts its characters through peril and passion. Old hatreds are rekindled, new loves found, and indomitable adversaries overcome.

One man caught up in America’s first great intelligence failure, Jake has only his skills, speed, courage…and love to see him through.

Ravenwood takes place in Lexington where he is trying to catch a serial killer who has lawyers as victims. Razzle Dazzle takes place in Newport in 1960-61 (the last years open gambling) and in Havana where many of the gamblers went as Newport was waning. It has some good Kentucky history to it though only two lawyers are mentioned: Jesse Kitchen Lewis who, as assistant attorney general of KY was the only law enforcement person to successfully close down the Newport casinos (however temporarily) and closed down the Covington gambling houses including the Lookout House by suing the sheriff in Federal Court for failing to enforce the gambling laws (argued before Judge Swinford); and Robert Lester who was the fixer in Newport. Still, it’s a fun book with some good lore.

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