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Watch Your E-mail

I’m warning you to keep a close eye on your e-mail, because some vicious virus attacks are making their rounds these days. I am talking about the spam e-mails that are going around that just happen to have a virus attached to them.

The main subject lines are “Fidel Castro is dead” and “Saddam Hussein safe and sound.” If you open an e-mail with a suspicious title like either of these, your computer will instantly be infected with the virus. It has already hit thousands of computers, according to news Web sites.

Some of the other subject lines you should look out for are “Hugo Chavez dead,” “President of Russia, Putin dead,” “US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has kicked German Chancellor Angela Merkel” and “The US Supreme Court has been attacked by terrorists.” Now, you all know the drill. If you see anything out of the ordinary like this, delete the e-mail immediately. Don’t take any chances, especially with this one.

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