GOV. FLETCHER CALLS FOR TAX BREAK FOR MILITARY but opposed relief a year ago.

In a press released issued by the Governors Office, Gov. Fletcher has called for legislation to  provide complete exemption of active duty and reserve military pay from Kentucky income tax. 
The link to the full story was given as:

In an Editorial on Feb. 1, 2007, the Courier Journal wrote: 

A year ago, Gov. Fletcher didn’t support a more modest proposal to exempt military personnel on active duty. 

No doubt he knew then what he should now: that passing out tax exemptions erodes the tax base and puts more of a burden on everyone else. 

Further, what helps soldiers’ families are the same things that help everyone else: good schools, roads and jobs, for example. 

Exempting folks on the basis of their jobs is unfair. If soldiers are exempted because of the service they provide, then why not the police and firefighters who labor on the front lines of homeland security, and the teachers and social workers who daily defuse our own social time bombs? 

If the Fletcher administration were either serious or fiscally responsible, it would have proposed a way to make up the approximately $18 million cost. The proof that this proposal is politically craven is that the administration says only that it will be paid for by “a projected increase in revenue.” Please. 

Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the nation, with too many educational, social and health needs to list. 

Yet the Governor acts as if $18 million will magically appear. This probably shouldn’t be a surprise, coming from a man who has been traveling the state getting folks hopped up about how to spend the so-called $137 million “surplus.” 

Here is the reality: College students’ tuitions are soaring. Kentucky teachers make less than the average of surrounding states. Louisville airport neighbors still wait to be relocated. Drivers idle as needed roads and bridges aren’t built. Children with special needs and others living in unsafe conditions wait in line for help. 

In a sense, these people will be paying for this tax exemption, just as they paid for one on pension income in the ’90s. 

The Governor knows this. Unfortunately, he’s desperate for votes. 




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