Based upon my clients and judges right to know, the fans and friends desire to know, the interest expressed to me from the public and the press who have asked for details and an interview and what I believe is public service to help others in the future, I provide the facts of my past ten days.

In the last full contact flag football game I ever played in five years ago, on my last pass, I dislocated my right shoulder. I have never experienced such pain.

Once a weightlifter, over the last several years (now 50), I’ve had to readjust my exercise. Reality. Swimming laps at home has been my favorite because of tone and endurance. This past summer, I had to stop this too. Bilateral shoulder soreness. I’m down to biking, treadmill, walking and stretching.

Beginning at 2 AM Thursday November 14, my right shoulder bothered me more and more. It was weird. Without any acute event, my right shoulder felt the same as when it was dislocated.

At 5:30 AM, my wife drove me to St. Elizabeth Edgewood ER. I described all the above. An x-ray was ordered and read normal.

The ER doctor, who I personally know and like, told me he believed I just had a stiff shoulder and gave me a set of exercises to do and suggested I follow up with my PCP. My PCP is a personal friend and my PCP for half of my life. I was also given pain medicine. I asked for an MRI, but the ER doc did not believe it was necessary.

At 7:30 AM and White Castles in the truck, I went straight to the Independence office to work. I had no sleep. I took a nap about 2 PM and woke up at 3 AM with chest pain, shortness of breath and numbness in my right arm. My staff drove me to the ambulance at the Independence Firehouse. At my request, Independence EMT’s (fine men and women) drove me to Christ Hospital.

Christ Hospital was really nice to me. EKG negative. Blood work negative. Relieved. No heart. They examined my shoulder (ER Doctor) stated clinically it was not dislocated. I asked him for an MRI. He too saw no need. He agreed with St. Elizabeth’s analysis.

I called my PCP. He ordered an MRI. It wasn’t scheduled until Monday, November 18 at 3 PM. Ugh. My arm was getting worse every day. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Monday. MRI.

When my PCP received the MRI report, he called and said get to St. E for emergency surgery. I was told the infection was so bad I was at risk of death and loss of my arm.

One of the nicest orthopedists who once I learned was trained by John Wyrick at UC Health told me I could and should trust him and based upon the MRI there was no time to waste. I’m glad I listened to him.

After the surgery, the news reinforced all the pre-surgery concerns. It looked grim. The news. My shoulder. Infection everywhere to the shoulder bone. Rotator cuff exploded. I was more scared. I was admitted to UC Health with a plan Dr. Wyrick could do surgery on Thursday November 21.

After his surgery, there was more hopeful news. While he took muscle here, infection tissue there, he believed the bone had not fully grabbed yet by the infection.

Partners of Dr. Wyrick were involved. Their “growing” my infection was determined what kind of infection-staph, MRSA, etc.

On Saturday morning, a third surgery to clean up all the packing etc. left in my arm. Today, Monday, Dr. Wyrick will do the fourth surgery which will prepare it for two month of antibiotics so I can finally have my rotator cuff repaired.

My wound from Monday, November 18 until now is open and ugly. Black tissue.

I’d assess that if I had not done anything and demanded the MRI, by Tuesday, I would have lost my arm, by Wednesday, my life.

Certainly in the state it was in 24-48 hours would have been game changing.

1.Screw the system. Raise hell for yourself.
2.Time matters.
3.Tests matter.

I have always used UC Physicians (when I couldn’t use my PCP) and used UC Hospital. I even sue them.

I want to tell our community how wonderful UC Health was to me. ICU, nurses, docs, techs, etc. Great care. We also had so many laughs. I’m me. They have some characters too.

The Bulldog bleeds and bruises just like you. I’m grateful for the docs at UC Health who saved my life and arm. Literally.

Work: As always, I work, work, work. I’ve stayed on top of everything from the hospitals. Tomorrow, I’ll be back in the office.

I have the best clients in the world! You come first! I and my family count on you, so you’re first.

My staff has been great as always. Call/text/email me with anything you need on your case.

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