Gary J. Sergent of Covington, and John F. Vincent of Ashland have been elected to serve as Bar Governors for the 6th and 7th Supreme Court Districts (SCD), respectively, following a recent tabulation of votes certified by a canvassing board at the Supreme Court of Kentucky in Frankfort. A swearing-in ceremony will be held during the Annual Banquet scheduled in conjunction with the KBA’s Annual Convention on Thursday, June 19, at the Cincinnati Marriott RiverCenter in Covington. The following officers and bar governors will take office effective July 1; the officers will serve a one-year term ending June 30, 2015. The bar governors listed below will serve a two-year term ending on June 30, 2016:

President: William E. Johnson
President-Elect: Douglass Farnsley
Vice President: R. Michael Sullivan
Immediate Past President: Thomas L. Rouse
Young Lawyers Division Chairman: Brad Sayles
1st SCD: W. Fletcher Schrock, Paducah
2nd SCD: Thomas N. Kerrick, Bowling Green
3rd SCD: Melinda Gillum Dalton, Somerset
4th SCD: Bobby Simpson, Louisville
5th SCD: Eileen M. O’Brien, Lexington
6th SCD: Gary J. Sergent, Covington
7th SCD: John F. Vincent, Ashland

Other Kentucky Bar Governors currently serving terms ending June 30, 2015, are Michael M. Pitman, Murray, 1st SCD; J. D. Meyer, Owensboro, 2nd SCD; Howard O. Mann, Corbin, 3rd SCD; Amy D. Cubbage, Louisville, 4th Supreme Court District; William R. Garmer, Lexington, 5th Supreme Court District; J. Stephen Smith, Ft. Mitchell, 6th Supreme Court District; Earl M. McGuire, Prestonsburg, 7th SCD.

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