NOTE:  This case involves allegations that the driver of a Grant County School Bus, which was involved in a wreck injuring several students, may have been impaired.
 In an article on the Enquired web site, the following news story was published. 
Court officials have thrown a blanket over the case of Angelynna Young, the Grant County school bus driver accused of drug possession after a Jan. 17 accident in which her bus careened off the road into a pole, injuring 17 of the children on board.
Young has not been charged in connection with the accident. The drugs she is accused of possessing were found in a search of her home after the wreck.
Monday morning the case was quietly sent to the grand jury and she was assigned a new lawyer, five hours before it was scheduled on the docket, and long before the press was in the courthouse to cover the proceedings.
Grant District Judge Elizabeth Chandler-Lester and Circuit Judge Stephen Bates have sealed the files in the case so tightly that Young’s name even has been removed from Kentucky’s online court schedule.
The Enquirer has filed a challenge to the sealing of the records. In an impromptu press conference Monday afternoon, Grant County Attorney Ed Lorenz said it was just a coincidence that the hearing had been shifted without notice. Lawyers for the county and Young were in the courthouse early, and simply decided to deal with the matter, Lorenz said.
That doesn’t cut it. This is a case of high public interest. One of the injured children remains hospitalized. Feelings about the incident run high in the community.
County and commonwealth officials have an obligation to ensure Young’s case is handled in a fair and untainted manner. That doesn’t mean it can be handled beyond the public view.

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