LawReader Senior Editor Stan Billingsley announced that the link to a new LawReader feature is titled JUDGES HOME PAGE, but he calls it the Courtroom Commander ©.

Billingsley said: LawReader has assembled on this one page almost every tool that a judge needs for the conduct of trials and hearings.  The forms the judge will need for many procedures are provided, along with definitions and authorities for the type of issues that judges face.

Whenever an attorney appearing before the Judge raises an issue and cites an authority, the judge can call it up from the bench and see for himself if the lawyers interpretation is consistent with the citation.  The judge can resolve issues on the spot, thereby allowing him to control his docket.  This practice has been courtroom tested by real judges and believe me, it really makes the judge look good.  No matter what issue the attorney raises, the judge using the CourtRoom Commander ©. can usually find an answer before the attorney completes his oral argument.

When a judge (or in fact anyone) accesses LawReader in a courtroom, this collection of materials truly makes them the CourtRoom Commander ©. 
Topics and How To tutorials are provided on such subjects as probation, sentencing, oaths of office, marriage ceremonies, required burdens of proof for different types of cases, jury instructions, etc.  If the judge is faced with a need to rule on topics from accrual dates of actions, admonitions, evidence, contempt of court, attorney fees, confrontation all the way through to wrongful death.   Hundreds of authorities and current rulings are accessible from this page.

The legal profession is noted for its practice of reinventing the wheel with every case and continually having to repeat research with every case.  LawReader saves rulings and decisions in its data base, so users can quickly see how the courts have previously ruled on similar issues.  This allows anyone doing legal research to start out ahead of the game.

Research that once took hours or days, can now be done almost instantly by subscribers to The Courtroom Commander © allows the user to start out at one page, and quickly search the alphabetical listing of topics or they can use six search engines that are dedicated to specific data bases.  These dedicated search engines assure that the hits returned to the user are highly relevant.

LawReader subscribers can check out the CourtRoom Commander©.  at JUDGES HOME PAGE.  Non members may sign up to on line for only $34.95 a month.

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