Elections: Michael O’Connell and Karen Faulkner, Candidates for Jefferson County Attorney, will debate at the LBA on March 28

Elections: Michael O’Connell and Karen Faulkner, Candidates for Jefferson County Attorney, will debate at the LBA on March 28
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O’Connell and Faulkner

Elections tend to favor the incumbent in any office. And greatly favor the Jefferson County attorney who has so many tools at his disposal just to keep his name in the news that it is very, very disturbing. But, that’s politics.

Well, the Jefferson County Attorney election is a very important election this year as the incumbent seems to be in the news with accusations flying that he is violating the independence of the courts, using his attorneys as campaign contributors for job security, and even attempting to vicariously benefit from a court-packing scheme by allowing his attorneys to run for judicial office. The most damaging news might just be the Kentucky Bar Association’s reprimand issued against Michael O’Connell for violating the ethics required of lawyers.

Well, O’Connell is being challenged by Karen Faulkner, and there is a debate coming up where they will be side by side. Age and years in office should favor the old war horse O’Connell, especially since he has been weathering the bad news stories from the Courier-Journal with no loss in his aggressiveness to promote his own agenda.

If you are interested in how to the two pair up, there is a debate sponsored by the Louisville Bar Association on March 28, 2014. Here is the bar associations post. Note that Joe Sonka the moderator, and if you want your question asked and answered then see the info below.

The LBA’s Public Interest Section will be hosting a debate on March 28 for the Democratic nominees for Jefferson County Attorney, Mike O’Connell and Karen Faulkner.

Joe Sonka, debate moderator and LEO news editor, will begin his questions at noon at the Louisville Bar Center.

Questions for the candidates may be submitted to Public Interest Section Chair Soha Saiyed at ssaiyed@laslou.org through 5 p.m. on Monday, March 24.

The debate is free and open to the public, but reservations are requested. Lunch will be provided with advanced registration. To RSVP, CLICK HERE or contact Lisa Anspach at lanspach@loubar.org or (502) 583-5314.

For more information on Karen Faulkner you can go to Karen Faulkner’s web site – Faulkner for Jefferson County Attorney.

I was unable to locate O’Connell’s campaign site using a simple Google(tm) search using “michael o’connell web site for county attorney”, but his free web site as the County Attorney can be found here.

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