Today’s judicial elections will demonstrate the public’s reaction to judicial campaign statements wherein candidates have advertised their membership in the NRA, have endorsed the Right to Life platform, have donated money to political parties, and have at least one candidate who identifies himself as a Republican or Democrat (judicial races are non-partisan) and proclaims that “We need a Republican Judge”, and the old standby claim that the judge if elected he will “be tough on crime”.
If a judicial candidate, before becoming judge, actively campaigns on partisan issues in violation of the Judicial Conduct Code, and if a candidate for judicial office pledges to be biased in favor of the prosecution by promising to be “tough on crime”, then the respect for the judiciary will suffer.
The introduction of the right to life issue in a judicial race is a flagrant violation of the Ethics Code.
If you have evidence that any judicial candidate violated there or other issues you may report it to the Judicial Conduct Commission at:
P.O. Box 4266
Frankfort, KY 40604
Phone: 502-564-1231
Fax: 502-564-1233

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