BLUEGRASSREPORT.ORG REPORTS THAT ROBBIE RUDOLPH MAY BE SUED FOR RETALIATING AGAINST WOMAN CLAIMING SEXUAL HARASSMENT AGAINST FORMER MURRAY STATE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR has published a story from Murray, Ky. detailing efforts to bring Lt. Gov. candidate Robbie Rudolph into a gender harassment lawsuit. The posting states in part:


“An explosive development in the ongoing Murray State University saga as it relates to Governor Fletcher’s (R) running mate, Robbie Rudolph, and his aggressive efforts to help his friend E.W. Dennison, the school’s former athletic director who was fired from the school.


Now, a woman named Annazette Fields (the wife of the former MSU women’s basketball coach) has asked a federal court judge to allow her to amend her lawsuit against Dennison for sexual harassment to allow her to include Robbie Rudolph as a named defendant for his efforts to “effectuate the campaign of retaliation against the Plaintiff by written and other communications with the individual members of the Murray State University Board of Regents…for the purpose of discrediting, disparaging, embarrassing and humiliating the Plaintiff in her employment at Murray State University.” (Note: I am not certain whether the motion is still pending or if the court has granted plaintiff’s leave to amend.)


(Click here for the original complaint, motion to amend, and the first amended complaint).?


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