Northern Kentucky Democrats hope to pick up seats in 2014 after dwindling support in region

06/17/2014 03:53 PM

by Pure Politics

The Democratic Party in the Northern Kentucky counties of Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties has seen their numbers plummet in the past three decades. But they are hopeful the 2014 election cycle will reverse the trend.

Prior to the 1980’s, the party dominated the local political scene as well as Congressional and state House and Senate seats. Now, the party is almost non-existent in Boone County and struggling in both Kenton and Campbell Counties.

The reasons for the change are numerous. Democratic officials say the areas significant population increase over the past 30 plus years has brought in a population with deep Republican roots.

Those changing demographics have lead to some big Republican pick ups in recent elections, even increased support of more tea party leaning candidates like 4th district Congressman Thomas Massie, and Republican primary candidate Matt Bevin who lost to Kentucky U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell in May saw a lot of support from the region.

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