In re the matter of: Dana M. Cohen – Judicial Conduct Commission Public Reprimand

Judicial Conduct Commission

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Contact: Ms. Jimmy Shaffer, Executive Secretary,


For Immediate Release


Agreed Order of Public Reprimand


In re the matter of:  Dana M. Cohen


FRANKFORT, KY., July 21, 2014 –


The Judicial Conduct Commission makes public the Agreed Order of Public Reprimand, In Re the matter of: Dana M. Cohen.


To access the order, use this link:


Judicial Conduct Commission

The mission of the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission is to protect the public, to encourage judges, commissioners and candidates for judicial office to maintain high standards of conduct, and to promote public confidence in the integrity, independence, competence, and impartiality of the judiciary.


The Commission accomplishes this mission through its investigation of complaints of judicial misconduct, wrongdoing or disability. In cases where judges, commissioners and candidates for judicial office are found to have engaged in misconduct or to be incapacitated, the Kentucky Constitution authorizes the Commission to take appropriate disciplinary action, including issuing admonitions, reprimands, censures, suspensions, or removal from office.


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