Beshear and Henry tied for Democratic Governors race according to poll released by Beshear/Mongiardo campaign.

Despite not having run for public office in more than a decade, Steve Beshear and his running mate Daniel Mongiardo are tied for first place with former Lt. Governor Steve Henry in the Democratic primary election:
             Voter’s Choices for Governor/Lt. Governor

Voters’ Choices For Governor/Lt. Governor
Steve Beshear/Daniel Mongiardo 21
Steve Henry/Renee True 21
Jody Richards/John Y. Brown, III 16
Bruce Lunsford/Greg Stumbo 8
Jonathan Miller/Irv Maze 8
Other candidates 7
Undecided 19


The polling is very encouraging about Mr. Beshear’s potential to expand his support once he gets better known. For example, he is tied for the lead although he has lower name recognition than Steve Henry or Jody Richards. Equally as important, Mr. Beshear’s “likeability� ratio (4.3 positive-to-negative) is higher than for Henry (2.7) or Richards (3.2).

This memorandum is based on a survey among a representative statewide sample of 602 likely Democratic primary voters. The survey, which conducted from February 20 to 22, 2007, has a margin of error of ±4.1 percentage points.

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