letter from ACLU re: heroin legislation pending

Dear Stan,

You may have heard that the Kentucky General Assembly is looking to address the heroin epidemic in the commonwealth. The headlines caught my eye because I have personal experience dealing with addiction.

Please join me in asking our legislators to focus on healthcare, not handcuffs, for Kentuckians struggling with addiction.

My problems started with prescription medications to address pain. When the physical pain subsided, my need for the medication had not. When access to my meds was cut off, I turned to the streets and ended up using heroin.

I lost everything – my job, my home and most importantly my relationships with loved ones. I found myself moving in and out of the criminal justice system. It wasn’t until my time at a homeless shelter and recovery center that I started my journey to recovery.

Now I’m four years sober. I’m completing an associate’s degree in political science, and giving back by leading a chapter of a recovery group.

My story highlights the need for our lawmakers to focus heroin reform policies on creating access to treatment, and not measures that will increase incarceration rates for Kentuckians with health disorders.


On behalf of the ACLU of Kentucky

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