Want to pre-try your case and see what an “impartial? jury thinks of it.  Want to improve your trial and litigation schools without causing any harm to your client?   One way to do this is to log on to a web site called i-courthouse.   

Users can “file cases? and litigate them as a party, or serve as a juror on other users cases.   This is an interesting concept that may well provide good training to lawyers who have not had a lot of experience in preparing and trying cases to a jury.
If you think you have a million dollar case, you can see what a “jury? thinks of it before you turn down an offer of settlement. 
The address of the site is:
The site says about itself:
“iCourthouse is the internet’s courthouse. The system of the courthouse, and how cases are presented and verdicts are arrived at,resemble procedures found at traditional courthouses.
Here at iCourthouse, justice moves swiftly and surely. Justice here is more egalitarian, more democratic, and, actually, rather enjoyable. serves the community of internet users in many of the ways that a brick-and-mortar courthouse serves its community. It is an online courthouse where you can present your disputes for trial before a jury of your peers, any time, for any reason.
If you have a dispute, and would like to deal with it civilly, legally and quickly, bring it to iCourthouse is always in session. “
As an icourthouse member you can:
See evidence and arguments filed in cases;
Pick cases to serve on as a juror;
Ask questions and cross-examine parties;
See questions asked by other jurors;
Give verdicts with comments;
File cases.


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