New breath testing device only $19.95 –

This device is based on centuries old principal recognized by the Kentucky legislature (See: KRS 223.425).  Environmentally friendly. Guaranteed to be accurate* and is admissible in many courts.

 Please click to read details of this amazing device The Billingsley Drunk Detector 2000 – only $19.95 

Please send your check to LawReader, Inc. at 314 7th. St., Carrollton, Ky. 41008 and enclose your check for $19.95 and shipping and handling of $3.95. No refunds at this low price.
*should meet the low admission standards of those appellate courts who ignore Daubert requirements.

NOTE: This product is a humorous comment on those appellate courts who will overlook almost every flaw in the Intoxilyzer 5000 admission procedures in order to assure their support for strict enforcement of DUI laws even when their rulings ignore laws regulating the use of BA machines.  Even though there are many questions regarding the science used by the BA machine, and the manufacturer refuses to honor supoenas to allow discovery which reveals their “code” which runs the machine,  operating procedures are virtually non-existent, and administrative regs regarding the proper use of the machine are ignored, the appellate courts almost never deny admission of BA results.  The Drunk Detector 2000 might just be admitted by many courts….sad…but almost true.

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