Are Jody Richards days as House Speaker numbered

Mark Nickolas of  reports that Democratic House Majority Whip Joe Barrows may withdraw from his race for re-election, and that his replacement in House leadership would be Rep. Rob Wilkey. (There are two Democrats in Barrows House race and the Democrats would not be giving up that seat if the other Democrat was elected in lieu of Barrows.)  Wilkey is described in the article as a “strong, progressive voice on leadership who is also articulate and not afraid to stand-up to the bullies.?   This may suggest that an effort by the House Democrats is afoot to replace Speaker of the House Jody Richards.
Richards is felt by some to have been no match for the strong willed Senator David Williams.  Many Democrats felt they were “rolled? on the state budget and Richards claims that Williams assured him there would be no vetos by Fletcher.  Instead of passing the state budget on time, Richards delayed the vote to allow members to go on Spring Break, thereby assuring that there would be no opportunity to consider vetos by the Governor.

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