LawReader announces Hall of Shame for bad court decisions

Court Decisions So Bad They Deserve a Prize 

We appreciate the work of judges and acknowledge that most judges are very good in writing decisions. However, every year there are some decisions that are so far off the mark that one is amazed at the reasoning that was (not) applied to that decision.  Please send us your nominations and we will post the best ones.  Please name the judge and send as much information about the fact situation as possible so we can have our committee evaluate the nominated cases. We will probably not name the judge, but perhaps we can provide an outlet for you to blow off some steam.  We prefer to avoid pending cases.  Perhaps this might just improve the quality of work being handed down.

We can think of several legal opinions handed down over the years by several judges that are so bad they deserve recognition.

In one case the Circuit Court judge ruled that a specific U.S. Sup. Ct. case stood for the proposition that a search was authorized without a warrant…but the decision said absolutely that the search was prohibited under the 4th. Amendment…the judge had cited the case of J.L. v. Florida and left out the words “we do not find?…and changed his citation to “we find?….therefore justifying his reversal of a lower courts suppression ruling of the illegal search.

In another case a District Judge ruled that any peace officer could make a traffic stop in any county in Kentucky..i.e. a Pikeville constable could set up a DUI roadstop on the Watterson Expressway in Louisville..(??) …go figure the reasoning behind that…after about a year this bad decision was finally overruled.

Then there is the errant golf ball ruling where the judge ruled that when a golfer hit an errant shot and the ball left the golf course and caused property damage to a nearby home…that the homeowner was responsible for the damages and the golfer was immune….Theory: The homeowner was negligent for building his home near a golf course.

We also nominate all the decisions of the Court of Appeals that just flat ignore the Administrative Regulations and Statutes applying to the proper operation of the BA machine.  They continue to ignore the requirement for manufacturer’s instructions to be followed, and that the machine must be shown to be in good  operating condition.
The list goes on and on….send us yours…we will either print your name or not…as you request.  But we will post the decisions in our HALL OF SHAME.

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